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Lyon Urban Community hosts, supports and is a part of Lyon Word Web Capital. This event of international scale rewards the Grand Lyon for its long term support to innovation in digital technologies and economy. The Web is at its core a vector for innovation, differentiation and competitiveness, and thus represents a tremendous opportunity to develop the digital economy on our territory.
The Rhône-Alpes region lies at the natural crossroads of major national and European axes of communication. This situation makes it a region where diversity is the key-word. This geographic, climatic, sociological and cultural puzzle could be a handicap. Rhône-Alpes has made this its great strength. Considered as a symbol of dynamism in the heart of the European Union, the Rhône-Alpes Region is co-founder of the «Four Motors for Europe» which, with Catalonia, Lombardy and Baden-Wurttemberg, works in the university, scientific, economic, sport and cultural fields. Rhône-Alpes is one of the regions with the highest birth rates in Europe and its net migration rate is positive. Young people are very much present, and the student population is around 236,000.
Lyon World Web Capital – Gold sponsor
France Telecom-Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with 172,000 employees worldwide, including 105,000 employees in France, and sales of 45.3 billion euros in 2011. Present in 35 countries, the Group had a customer base of 226 million customers at 31 December 2011, including 147 million customers under the Orange brand, the Group’s single brand for internet, television and mobile services in the majority of countries where the company operates. At 31 December 2011, the Group had 167 million mobile customers and 14 million broadband internet (ADSL, fibre) customers worldwide. Orange is one of the main European operators for mobile and broadband internet services and, under the brand Orange Business Services, is one of the world leaders in providing telecommunication services to multinational companies.
With its industrial project, "conquests 2015", Orange is simultaneously addressing its employees, customers and shareholders, as well as the society in which the company operates, through a concrete set of action plans. These commitments are expressed through a new vision of human resources for employees; through the deployment of a network infrastructure upon which the Group will build its future growth; through the Group’s ambition to offer a superior customer experience thanks in particular to improved quality of service; and through the acceleration of international development
France Telecom (NYSE:FTE) is listed on Euronext Paris (compartment A) and on the New York Stock Exchange.
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CIUEN2012 – Gold sponsor
Cegid Éducation : administrative software and solutions for tomorrow : Born in 2004, Cegid Éducation provides universities and highschools with administrative solutions for their students, futur professionnal users, and supports their teachers in the learning process.

The leading developer of management software in France with annual sales of €263.8 million in 2011, Cegid counts more than 2,000 employees and 350,000 users in France and abroad. With branch offices in Paris, New York, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, London, Casablanca, Shenzhen, Tokyo and Singapore, Cegid also relies on distribution agreements throughout the world in order to support its customers in their international growth.

Creator of solutions dedicated to enterprise performance and growth, Cegid has built its know-how on “business-specific” (retail, manufacturing, hospitality, services, wholesale, CPAs, public sector) and “functional” expertise (accounting and fixed asset management, taxes, financial management and reporting, and HR/payroll management). Cegid’s products are tailored to businesses and public institutions of all sizes and are also available in “On Demand” (SaaS) mode.
Created in 1975, Microsoft is the world’s software leader. The company develops and sells a wide range of software, accessories and services to professionals and families. Microsoft’s mission is to bring its experience, its innovation capacity and its passion into the projects, ambitions and creativity of its clients and associates, to make technology their best ally to express their potential.
Microsoft supports the academic development of digital technologies through programs and specific products thanks to its network of associates. We built licensing programs and flexible prices suited to every step of the education system. From primary school to university and formation centers, every institution recognized by the Ministry of Education can enjoy specific rates to simply buy, update and manage software. Our clients also enjoy a large choice of deployment solutions, from local hosting, to innovative Cloud Computing solutions.

Ellucian helps education institutions thrive in a dynamic world. We deliver a broad portfolio of technology solutions, developed in collaboration with a global education community, and provide strategic guidance to help education institutions of all kinds navigate change, achieve greater transparency, and drive efficiencies. More than 2,300 institutions in 40 countries around the world look to Ellucian for the ideas and insights that will move education forward, helping people everywhere discover their futures through learning. Visit us at

CIUEN2012 – Regular sponsor : solutions to prevent plagiarism in education offers anti-plagiarism solutions to schools dedicated to teaching’s quality and diplomas recognition. Born in 2005, is now the main associate of French higher education in plagiarism prevention. More than 150 French speaking universities worldwide use to ensure the academic integrity of their students’ work.’s solutions can identifie and measure similarities between a text and the multitude of documents available on the internet, and make excellent tools for preventing plagiarism and copy-pasting, they allow students and teachers alike to promote personal work and good use of documentation.
Inwicast, French leader in podcasting solutions for universities, offers a complete solution to simply record and broadcast classes, lectures and conferences in rich formats including video recordings of the speaker and his presentation’s media. Inwicast’s solution can automatically upload the recordings to the school’s academic platform, a webtv or mobile applications for tablets and smartphones.