Piet Henderikx

Piet Henderikx (°1947) graduated in Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Leuven, Belgium (1970). He acted as advisor for educational policy at the Christian Labour Movement in Belgium (1969-1973). He was engaged in research and development in the field of teaching and learning in higher education at KU Leuven (1973-1986). He acted as special advisor for university and research policy in the Cabinet of the Minister of Education (1986-1988). He was appointed director of the national distance higher education network in Flanders (1988-1996).
Since 1996, he is Secretary General of the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) and senior advisor of KU Leuven for international policy. His activities in EADTU are currently related to the organisation of distance higher education and on line teaching and learning. Current focus areas are open knowledge sharing (OER, open access, open innovation), international collaborative curricula and online mobility (master and doctorate level), customized education and training on demand, networked education, quality benchmarking in distance and online education, strategies and business models in higher education and university-business collaboration.
Also, he has been counselor for several governments and universities with regard to the integration of open and flexible education in national higher education systems and to the quality and accreditation of programmes and institutions.