Louis Vogel

Born in Sarrebruck, germany, Louis Vogel has been the president of Paris 2 University (Panthéon Assas) since July of 2006. He was re-elected on the 6th of July 2011 for a 1 year term. Law teacher, he has been head of the PRES Sorbonne University since June of 2012 and was elected president of the CPU (Confederation of University Presidents) in december of 2010.
He was head of the CPU’s legal commission from December of 2008 to December of 2010. He studied at Nancy’s law facultybefore graduating from Paris Political Sciences Institute in 1976. He got a master of LAw from yale Law School in 1983 and got a Ph.D in Law in 1985.
Since 1988, he leads the Comparative Law institute. After getting his aggregation in private laws in 1988, he starts teaching at Orléans Law Faculty from 1989 to 1991. He then teaches at Paris-Nanterre university until 1994 and at the College of Europe until 1996. Louis Vogel is a comparative law teacher at Paris 2 since 1994, where he teaches trade competition laws and european business laws. Alongside this, he is a lawyer at Paris’, Francfort’s, Bruxelles’ and NEw-York’s bars.
He chairs at the Comité de pilotage des ateliers de la concurrence (French Economy Ministry), and is also general rapporteur for the Association française d’étude de la concurrence. He was given the direction of the Dalloz Business Law encyclopedia ans the Lawlex publisher.
He regularly publishes books (his latest one came out in september of 2010 : “L’Université, une chance pour la France”) and articles and runs several collections in the business law field, and writes on his blog.