François Jourde

François Jourde has been a highschool philosophy since 1995. Holder of the agrégation of French Language, he currently works at Bruxelles European school, after working in Lille from 2001 to 2009, where he alse teached classes of psycho-sociology of communication.
A enjoys teaching a demanding subject by devising stimulating academic systems, especially through digital and social tools. « Let’s hurry and make philosophy popular. » : F. Jourde aims to incorporate Diderot’s injunction into the need to teach students to use digital tools and networks responsibly.
For the publisher HATIER, F. Jourde elaborated and wrote multiple philosophy lessons summaries : a collection of interactive flashcards and mindmaps, a podcast (Philocast 2006) and book with its associated website Livre et Clic Philosophie (Hatier, 2004).

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