Diana Oblinger

Dr Diana G. Oblinger is CEO of EDUCAUSE, a ngo devoted to epowering higher éducation through new information technologies. It currently regroups more than 2 400 schools and organization, counting 250 firms.
Before that, Diana Oblinger filled diverse positions in universities and firms : Vice-president and CIO for the North Carolina university, Technical manager of higher education at Microsoft, and Director of IBM’s education branch. She has also been a teacher at Missouri-Columbia University and Michigan State University, and Vice-Dean of academic programs at Missouri University.

Since she became EDUCAUSE president, Diana Oblinger has been acknowledge for developing innovative programs of international renown.

She especially created the EDUCAUSE Learning initiative (ELI), recognized for its impact on pedagogical innovation, and digitally assisted learning, as « 7 Things You Should Know About series ». She also launched the first EDUCAUSE events completely online and her e-book edition, one of which is Educating the Net Generation and Learning Spaces.

In collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, she launched the Next Generation Learning Challenges, a program focusing on developing studies to prepare for higher education through new technologies.

Diana Oblinger holds a PhD in Cyto-génétics from the University of Iowa, and two honors causa PhD.