Session 4 : Exemples en SHS

Raudin Project
Didier Paquelin, Bordeaux Université

Qualitative analysis of online interactions : why and how ?
François Mangenot, Lidilem, Grenoble 3

Dillenbourg et al. (1996) proposes studying online interactions in order to study Computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL). Many researchers in educative technologies, especially from the Anglo-Saxon world followed in their tracks; but their methodology mostly fosses on quantitative content analysis (QCA).

Other researchers in the field of language and language didactics, who already had an history in analyzing interactions in the classroom, showed that qualitative analysis could also provide interesting insights, often complementary to those obtained through QCA : this presentation will focus on this last approach, different types of qualitative analysis and examples.

A few landmarks of e-Education research in human sciences
Eric Bruillard, STEF, ENS Cachan/IFé

There is a lot of diverse e-Education research with prospects in human sciences.

Though it is impossible to list them all, a trends can be identified,and we will try to expose a few to complement the presentation given at the roundtable. We will also discuss the question of sharing research data, especially regarding interaction data showing the importance of inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary works.

Hy-sup European project
Geneviève Lameul, CREAD, EA3875, Université Rennes2

“Crossed systems : new prospects for a pedagogy of higher education”
The European research project Hy Sup (6 partnerships) is reaching its end (2009-12) : what are the results ?… It tried to go beyond the simple satisfaction survey to deeply study the effects of new teaching methods which articulate remote and direct teaching at different stages of our education, while relying on digital environments. in order to better understand these crosses systems, it identified six configurations and their impact on the way students learn, professional development of teacher and the institution. (see

Animator : Claude Bertrand