Session 3 : Exemples in sciences and technologies

Digitazing and using digital materials
Jean-Marc Ogier, Digital technologies vice-president and vice CTO, University of la Rochelle

Learning materials, relevance and interactions

Mobile Learning

Serious games
Jean-Marc Labat, Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Social Semantic Web as a Novel e-Education Platform
Jelena Jovanovic, Assistant Professor, University of Belgrade, Serbia

The Social Semantic Web (SSW) stands for a new paradigm for creating, managing and sharing information through combining the technologies and approaches from the Semantic Web and the Social Web (Web 2.0). The former aims at giving data a well-defined meaning, empowering computers to comprehend the data they are processing and thus enabling them to better serve people and their needs.

The latter is a platform for social and collaborative exchange where users meet, collaborate, interact and most importantly create content and share knowledge through, e.g., wikis, blogs, photo- and video sharing services. SSW emerged by merging the best of these two worlds, through combining the technologies for structuring, storing and querying information with the social mechanisms for creating and sharing knowledge.

This novel paradigm has already started making its way into e-education. Specifically, SSW has already shown as beneficial for: i) on-demand assembly of course content from existing learning objects; ii) development of Personal Learning Environments; ii) learning and knowledge sharing in collaborative e-learning environments; and iii) provision of highly informative feedback for educators. This talk will give an overview of the Educational SSW, that is, how semantically enhanced Social Web has been and could be used for the benefit of online learners and educators.

Animateur : Anne Boyer