Session 2 :R&D in e-education : PIA developing an e-education digital economy

National Project SUP E-educ
Alain Mayeur, Valenciennes University – Project manager
The aim of the project is to modernize digital learning platforms for higher education and research to provide students with access to digital material from various sources (internet, UNT, teacher’s materials, magazines, ebooks), all the while keeping it close to their academic progression. It also aims to provide teachers with a friendly environment to create material adapted to their field and audience, by taking advantage of available materials and encouraging the use of digital material.

This project is based on a strong partnership between actors of the industrial sector, involved in R&D in an open source technological base and integrating innovative systems respecting norms and standards, and higher education and research instututions deeply involved in making digital systems in education progress.

Généric SG

Speaker : Pascal Estraillier