Cartography of Research

E-education allows us to tailor education to individuals’ backgrounds, knowledge level and learning rythm. It adapts to the new habits of users who are now connected, mobile, and huge consumers of digital media for information and sharing. Lastly, it allows students to familiarize themselves with digital technologies, giving them key skills in a society who relies widely on information and communication technologies.

In this favorable and dynamic context, it seems interesting to have a status report of research and its applications, especially regarding uses in different areas of education. To that end, a specific session “Overview of French e-education research” is organized to present a first experience feedback from the survey “cartography of e-education research” carried out by MESR. Many interventions from essentials actors of the field like IFE, INRIA or Cap Digital, renown researchers and the call for Future Investments in e-education winners will illustrate this panorama.