Theme 4 : Building a digital strategy from local to international


  • Catherine MONGENET (Université de Strasbourg)
  • Didier PAQUELIN(UNR Aquitaine)


While the digital divide is at the heart of the debates, the issues of equal opportunity – both for individuals and for the territories – are at the heart of social issues, that the landscape of French higher education continues to evolve – after the emergence of UNR, the UNT, meadows, the process of mergers grow – that international competition is growing – with the need to develop the international appeal of universities and develop a range of international education – that the public higher education change – with a growing number of students and staff requests for training throughout life – the digital can help universities vectors of economic, social and cultural development.

The digital is becoming more and more as an element of the strategy of institutions, both in the development and urbanization of the information system, at the level of service development and usage of digital all the training missions and research, and to all stakeholders in higher education.

How the digital strategies of institutions they are based with site policies and with national policy? What is the role of pooling, and its perimeter where appropriate, in the digital strategy of an institution? How the strategies developed in the UNR UNT and they contribute to the dynamics and are they integrated into institutional strategies? How are these organizations that are institutions of higher education? What support offered to professionalize teachers, researchers and BIATOS?

At a time when many actors, private and public companies, based in whole or part of their activities in the field of digital cloud and outsourcing – from hosting servers or applications to the outsourcing or the use of SaaS solutions – what is the institutional policy on these issues?

Autant de questions qui seront au cœur des débats du CIUEN 2012, avec des focus sur les points suivants :

  • Digital, brake or accelerator reconstruction across the country
  • The role of Higher Education Consortium, the issue of subsidiarity facility
  • Digital, a key success factor in mergers of institutions ?
  • UNR local infrastructure and IT strategy
  • UNT local content and CMS strategy
  • Local supply, national supply and international supply: towards the concept of coopetition
  • Digital, brake or accelerator of equal opportunity for individuals and territories
  • The evolution of organizations in the digital environment
  • Digital strategic planning
  • Pooling and outsourcing services digital
  • Public Space and Digital university: what (s) co (s)?