Call for papers

CIUEN 2012 will focus around 4 themes :

Theme 1 : Teaching and learning with digital

    • New challenges and new teaching practices
    • Networks for learning
    • Plagiarism
    • The digital speed the transition from research to teaching
    • Towards a new role of documentation
    • Training and support for teachers
    • Use of learning platforms

Theme 2 : The digital life on campus

    • Digital for Education
    • Digital for Research
    • What digital services for real estate?
    • What real estate for digital services?
    • Digital as facilitator of the users’ lives
    • Integrating mobility and terminals any time, anywhere, any device
    • Digitals services offers
    • Accessibility for students and persons with disabilities and digital

Theme 3 : Forming and training throughout life

    • Digital skills and certification: the B2i to C2i Level 1 and 2
    • Digital training
    • Elearning environment from high school to University
    • The Universities’ professionals evolutions with digital
    • Digital and sandwich course
    • The Education offer
    • The employability and career security

Theme 4 : Building a digital strategy from local to international

    • Digital, brake or accelerator reconstruction across the country
    • Higher Education & Research Consortium role
    • Digital as a key success factor in mergers of institutions
    • UNR local infrastrcture and IT strategy
    • UNT local content and CMS strategy
    • Local supply, national supply and international supply: towards the concept of coopetition
    • Digital, brake or accelerator of equal opportunity for individuals and territories
    • Digital strategic planning
    • Pooling and outsourcing services digital
    • Digital Public Space

Method of submission

Proposals for papers include:

    • The coordinates of the author (or co-author): name(s), function(s), address(es) Institution(s), email(s), phone number(s) …
    • Theme and title of the bid ;
    • A summary in French (1 page) and an English summary (1 page) ;
    • List of key words in english and in french ;
    • Proposals must be received by the scientific committee by upload on the site.

Submissions deadline : Janvier, 17 2012, before midnight