Conference series in Lyon about the web

BLEND web mix 2016 is now over… be prepared for the next edition which will be held on 26 & 27 October 2017.

Be also prepared for The Web Conference 2018 (formerly known as www2018) that will be back in Lyon from 23rd to 27th of April 2018.

Diana Oblinger Alain Crawford Dominique Cardon Yves Attou
Vijay Kumar Lousie Sauvé Abdelfdil Bennani Ziryeb Marouf
Louis Vogel Daniel Filatre François Jourde
Piet Henderikx Henri Verdier
The proceedings are now available online.
(updated on May 31st 2012)
The first Academic Movie Festival has been held on 16th and 17th april of 2012 at the Lyon Convention Center alongside the CIUEN2012more information…